ONCE UPON A TIME, there was a dazzling and magical creature who was unlike any other creature in the world.  She was unique and amazing.  But she felt awkward and strange.  In fact, she had forgotten that she had magic.  

IT BECAME A HABIT TO TUNE OUT everything and everyone.  She felt lonely, but she didn't know how to fit in.  One day as she was bumbling along not paying attention to where she was going, she stumbled down a hill and into a place where she had never been before.  It was dark and scary.  She realized she was lost.  She needed to find her way back.  On her quest to return, she ran into enchanted beasts and creatures who frightened her. But slowly, she became aware that she had a special power that gave her courage, glowed in this darkness and guided her back home.   She found sparks and embers that reminded her that she could find the way back and overcome her challenges.    

YOU ARE THIS DAZZLING and magical creature who is unlike any other creature in the world.  When you lose your way and forget your magic, you need to be reminded of your special powers.  Here is magic art to bring on your quest as you rediscover that you got magic.  

(Hint:  You'll get the special treatment you deserve as a magical creature.)